We’re delighted to announce that the new Sophie Zelmani album ”The World Ain’t Pretty” will be released on Sep 23.

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September 23 will mark the release of Sophie Zelmani’s new album, ”The World Ain’t Pretty”. It will be her first album of new material in three and a half years, and will contain an (at least for Zelmani) unusual number of uptempo tracks, plus one cover.
The album is the next step in the ongoing and acclaimed collaoration between Zelmani and producer/arranger/guitarist, Lars Halapi.
The rhythm section is intact as well, Peter Korhonen (drums), and Thomas Axelson (bass) building on, and enhancing, the individual character of each song.

”It feels so good to think about my band members that it’s almost like having vertigo” Zelmani says. ”Just thinking about how long I’ve been blessed with having them in my life, and how important they are, both on and off stage. Their playing remains responsive, warm and tender. I’m deeply grateful for them, and all these years. What they give, and do for me, is enormous”.
Zelmani’s lyrics express longing, worry and hope, and bear testament to the fact that she continues to evolve as a songwriter a quarter of a century into her career, while also retaining her mystique.
Add subtle string- and brass arrangements, and the result is a multi-facetted, melodic album with both lustre and depth.
Track listing:
1.The World Ain’t Pretty
2. What If
3. Do You Remember
4. One Man’s Kiss
5. This Is The Place
6. God Do You Hear
7. Be For Real
8. Do Something
9. When You’re Singing
10. Black Pearl
11. This Will Be The Year