The concert in Hangzhou

It was a great gig in Hangzhou, wonderful audience!

Hangzhou Hangzhou




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  1. li2hen

    thanks4 you guys’ patience to sign&take pics with us.
    great show! yr music is like poem.
    big fan!!!
    be happy,sophie.

  2. edkvist

    sophie,I miss you !Thanks for your perfect show in hangzhou and i came to hangzhou to see you for 10 hours train.I missed your show last year in wuhan VOX so no matter how far or how long i deceided to see you this time.Your voice is so charming that i do not change my my cell phone ringtone after set ting it as your song”how different” more than three years!Sophie ,take care all your self and say hello or thank your for your band!Hope to see you in China again!

  3. W.L.sun

    see u next time,dear sophie~

  4. goodbye

    Looking forward to your third China tour!

  5. wlsun

    see u next time,dear sophie.

  6. Adam Cortes

    I cant believe I missed Sophies concert in Sweden!!

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