Sophies first tour in China completed!

Sophies first tour in China completed! Thank you so much for three great gigs and a thousand memories!


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  1. jingwen702

    I didnt know you’d been to China, I’m in Shanghai….When will you come back?

  2. GG

    when will you come to Hong Kong???

  3. Paul

    that is so unfortunate. I didn’t know she tours. Hope come back again. I have my email left and so pls update. Thanks

  4. joyheart

    that is big shame for me,I didnt know her china tour, Please update me when she held concert in China next time, thank you ! love her very much !

  5. XWL1129

    I’d ever been to your Shanghai concert on 5th Oct last year. It’s so nice and that’s a unforgettable memory for me.
    I do want to know if you’ll come to Shanghai again, cause I have loved your music for many years and long for this concert so much.
    Thanks a lot .


    I am your huge fans!unfortunate didn’t know you have been in china.Hope you come back!
    I am in shanghai,love you sophie!!

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