Sophie is coming to China once more

In May Sophie and band is doing a four date long tour in China:

16th May Guangzhou, T:union
18th May Beijing, Chaoyang Sport Center
19th May Shanghai, Avaitor Theme Park
21st May Hangzhou, 9 Club


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  1. goodbye

    Dear Sophie,so glad you can come to China again.I’ll see you in Guangzhou!♥
    This time I will never miss out. :)

  2. jingwen


  3. Alex Leung

    Dear Sophie,I missed your show last year,but it won’t happen this year,see you in Beijing ! Love you ! ╭(╯3╰)╮
    you can always long for may
    Happier Man
    The Ocean and Me
    It can’t change
    So so many beautiful songs

  4. li2hen

    can’t wait! see u in 9club,hz….. big fan!!

  5. Luisa

    Going to see you here in China !!

  6. jingwen702

    oh dear sophie,

    I’ll come to Guangzhou to see you from Shanghai. Would you play “Breeze”? I believe most of your chinese fans love it very much!. Thank you!

  7. Fiona Young

    Dear Sophie, see you tonight in Guangzhou.

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