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Eldkvarn is one of the most known rock bands in Sweden. They were formed in Norrköping in 1971 by the brothers Plura Jonsson (vocals, guitar) and Carla Jonsson (guitar, vocals) and Tony Thorén (bass).  During the years the trio has been the core of the band with several members passing by. Today the group also consists of Werner Modiggård (drums) and Claes von Heijne (keyboards).

Eldkvarn started out as a progg band influenced by Bob Dylan and Velvet Underground. During the late seventies the musical direction changed towards punk rock and they had a hit record with the album Pojkar, pojkar, pojkar. During the eighties Eldkvarn had their largest commercial success including the albums Utanför lagen, Himmelska dagar and Kungarna från Broadway.

During the last years the band has made critically acclaimed albums as Atlantis, Svart Blogg and Hunger Hotell.

Sophie sings a duet with Plura on the song Ta det för vad det är on the 2008 album Hunger Hotell. She has also contributed a text in the book Texter och historier från Den stora landsvägen, a book with Eldkvarn lyrics and texts about the lyrics.

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Daniel Lemma

Daniel Lemma debuted in 2001 with the album Morning Train. The song If I Used to Love You became a big hit and was the theme song to the movie Jalla! Jalla!. The music is a mixture of soul, gospel, R 'n' B and rock 'n' roll. Lemma has released five studio albums including Meeting at the building, Dreamers and Fools, Somebody on Your Side and Rebound and one live album called One Night Live & Unplugged.

Sophie sings a duet with Daniel Lemma on the song On the Hillsides from the Album Somebody on Your Side. They also sings a duet on Sophie's album Soul, on the song For You.

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Freddie Wadling

During the seventies Freddie Wadling played in several punk rock bands, most notably is Leather Nun, a band that mixed punk rock and Industrial music. In the eighties Wadling was a member of the post punk band Cortex. The most famous song the band made is The Freaks from the 1983 album Spinal Injuries. In the eighties Wadling collaborated with Fläskkvartetten, a group consisting of a string quartet and a percussionist.

In the nineties Wadling released a couple of solo albums that attracted a larger audience than his previous work. En skiva till kaffet which consisted of covers of great Swedish artists like Carl Michael Bellman, Evert Taube and Hasse å Tage.

In 2005 Wadling released the album Jag är monstret. The songs on the album was written by other artists, like Tomas Andersson Wij, Mauro Scocco, Per Gessle and Sophie Zelmani.

In 2011 Freddie made an album with theme music from James Bond movies.

Sophie and Freddie sings a duet on the song Once on the album Sing and Dance.

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