Precious Burden

1. Leaving
2. Black Day
3. Precious Burden
4. So Long
5. Excuse Me
6.Got to Stop
7. Before the Day's Gone
8. Goodbye
9. Foolish
10. Curtain Call
11. Who I am

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All songs are written by Sophie Zelmani and arranged by Lars Halapi.
Produced by Lars Halapi.
Recorded at Atlantis, EMI Studios, Sony Studios and Silence Studio.
Engineer: Pontus Olsson and Christoffer Stannow.
Mixed by: Pontus Olsson.
Release date: April 14th 1998.


Sophie Zelmani: Vocals
Lars Halapi: Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, pedal steel guitar, bass, drums, piano, tambourine,
vibraphone, marimba, danelectro, maracas, claves, bongos and backing vocals
Peter Korhonen: Drums, tambourine, percussion
Peter Forss: Bass

Heinz Liljedahl: Acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Fredrik Lanerfeldt: Backing vocals
Per "Texas" Johansson: Tenor saxophone
Fredrik Ljungkvist: Alto saxophone
Magnus Broo: Trumpet
Pontus Olsson: Whip
S.N.Y.K.O.: Strings