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    <p>The moving status that checks off-gas treatment establishment, history runs capability of circumstance, processing and treating capacity. The waste gas that the combustion such as boiler,portable wood flooring singapore petrifaction, chemical industry produces is checked The enterprise such as examination chemical industry, petrifaction produces the processing technique with flammability organic whether reasonable waste gas continuously, adopt reclaim to use or burn pattern processing, organic waste gas uses intermittent generation combustibility burn,</p>

    <p>adsorptive or assorted craft processing is reasonable. The careful test procedures that inspects boiler combustion facility and function index, moving condition that inspects combustion facility, composite versus plastic porch railings control that checks 2 oxidation sulfur, control that checks azotic oxide. Technology waste gas or steam, dust and effluvial pollution source Examination waste gas,</p>

    <p> dust and effluvial discharge the requirement that whether accords with relevant pollutant discharge standard; Check flammability gas reclaim use a case; The examination can send out the make a deck out of fencing carriage of poisonous, harmful gas and dust, assemble and unassemble, the environmental protection preventive measure of keep in storage;</p>

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