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    <p>Plank plant is overall shut out, the price already not important, plank market enters the period that money does not come into stock certainly! Balata wood is in growl, red oak is crying, Paper box is in titter, stainless steel skips skip, Polishing tiptop, fittings is growling, Freight also waves in upgrade, attack of fever of raw material cost, Environmental protection also comes add trouble to, the value is already total turn things upside down,</p>

    <p>Go up we want to be less than Industry aspirations: Everybody is sacred, do not say with us again can favourable, of your this care is to did not come into stock! 10 thousand Lin Gong department introduce Guangxi rich white forestry center go all out in the 4th generation machine Up to on December 13, guangxi rich goes all out in 3 when 10 thousand Lin Gong department introduce white forestry center the 4th generation machine reach the designated position, finish outfit machine to debug.</p>

    <p>Go all out in the 4th generation machine those who pass this opportunity is full automatic exercise, finish come back the width that veneer grows after cutting stoving detects, joining together of grading, gelatinize, scale cuts ply, pile up the complete set process such as a battlements works, can pieces of whole medium plate that joining together requires aleatoric norms measure into user place, implement the whole Zhang Hua of plywood plank, automation.</p> “wood look outdoor pavers,teak holly vinyl flooring,built-in bench construction deck

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