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    <p> this staff member hurries to the furniture store that complains person place to say in time to understand a situation. Via checking solid, this furniture brand shop is not Walnut material 84 lumber deck designs to pledge to the furniture that thanks lady sale, however man-made board, businessman mix the false with the genuine, shoddy behavior already belonged to consumption con.</p>

    <p> The course is industrial and commercial execute the law personnel patience explains to operator ” consumer rights and interests protects a law ” , ” contract law ” wait for legal laws and regulations, the businessman admits the fact that material nots agree with character eventually, agree with refund. Subsequently door of building a green building The Ministry of Commerce and Industry instructs businessman close down to rectify and reform, undertake put on record is investigated.</p>

    <p>It is reported, at present the real wood sort with various, complex classification lets the items on furniture market customer is primary have no way discerns stand or fall. raised deck membrane waterproof This goes up character in material to the manufacturer make an issue of offerred an opportunity, with pretend to be true, shoddy material pledges fraudulent action happens from time to tome.</p>

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