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    <p>say oneself were in on April 30 this year salon road brand shop of 2 paragraphs of one furniture is custom-built the furniture with a Walnut qualitative material, goods is worth total amount to be 19000 yuan. And when businessman delivery is installed, she discovers the material of partial furniture pledges build outdoor l shaped bench with storage with the sheet that order the agreement nots agree with however,</p>

    <p>include ark of bookshelf, TV, tall ark, tea table. Thank a lady furiously to find businessman theory, ask the businessman is new and custom-built or return deposit. However alternative wood products south africa businessman however with ” not clear ” , ” look for manufacturer ” for rejected to thank a lady. But under, xie Nv person finds local industrial and commercial place to counterpoise for him dimension.</p>

    <p>Receive after complaining, this staff member hurries to the furniture store that complains person place to say in time to understand a situation. Via checking solid, this furniture brand fire resistant garden hurdle fencing shop is not Walnut material to pledge to the furniture that thanks lady sale, however man-made board, businessman mix the false with the genuine, shoddy behavior already belonged to consumption con.</p>

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