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    <p> Dragon starts wooden line of business 2 companies are located at the town on Linyi city level ground, area of C of garden of industry of lumber of Zheng Cheng international 4—-5, new company covers an area of about more than 100 mus of ground, provide home product line of the most advanced polish, according to dragon starts mature administrative system, careful control, pledge strictly check, make sure client order asks. </p>

    <p>Company advocate battalion breed has pine of New Zealand radiate, United States Bai Song of deal of hemlock of Hua Qisong, United States, dragon spruce deal, Russia, camphor tree child a variety of buildings such as loose, bay pine lumber. Company major is engaged in lumber resource is supplied and domestic and international scale is machined,</p>

    <p>but the project of utmost safeguard client purchases an amount, own enough supply of goods and facility of large advanced lumber treatment, all the year round the wood that all sorts of trees plant stock just chooses for the client! Main entrance cent sells building site building to use the material, furniture that occupy the home to wait with material with adornment of lumber, building. Company day production becomes a useful person the quantity can amount to 1000 stere.</p> “deck with overhang cost,outdoor railings prices on line,flexible wpc exterior floor

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