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Huawei's new Wi-Fi router

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    Routers that use mesh networking technology are not new. Linksys, NETGEAR and Google all have their own compelling products. Huawei said that WiFi Q2 is unique because it uses a hybrid system that also uses a 1Gb PLC (power line communication) connection to provide a backhaul and load-balanced network.

    WiFi Q2 looks pretty good, at least in terms of the low standards set by the router. They are sturdy and look like sterile tubes with no protruding buttons and antennas. It is said that they are also easy to install, and most of them are plug and play. According to Huawei, a satellite can be connected in two minutes.

    Huawei is selling WiFi Q2 in three different forms. It has one, two, or three satellites. Medium-sized office buildings and apartments may be barely able to pass, but if you want to find a solid connection point from the side of your apartment, the building where your Scrooge McUdk money pool is located, you might be willing to These three satellite versions are pocketed. At this time, if you are still trying to cover your entire house, you can buy more satellite hotspots. Or, for example, downsizing?

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