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    <p>There are more choices for your outdoor deck than ever before. Years ago there were very few choices and most builders utilized pressure treated pine for their outdoor decks. This choice, over time, left many homeowners quite unhappy. But the decking industry has come a long way. Your choices can be quite varied between different hardwoods, different composites, and now different PVC decking materials. Although I still prefer a beautiful hardwood Ipe deck over anything else, the recent interest shown in PVC decking is cause for review.</p>
    <p> PVC decking is installed very similar to the way hardwood decking is installed. You want to start with a sound foundation and make sure there is a ground clearance of at least 12?to allow adequate air flow and ventilation. Next, you will want to choose your joist spacing. This should not exceed 16?on center when your deck boards are perpendicular to joists and 12?on center if building for commercial use. I do not recommend that joist spacing exceed 12?when deck boards are built on a 45 degree angle.</p>
    <p> One difference between hardwood decks and PVC decks is the actual movement the boards will make over time. Hardwood decking expands and contracts on its width, while PVC decking expands and contracts more on its length. Hardwood decking movement is primarily dependant upon moisture content and PVC decking movement is primarily dependant upon changes in the temperature. This information is helpful when choosing how to install your deck. If you choose to face screw your deck down, which I do not recommend, the natural movement of your deck boards will cause them to loosen and pull away from the joist. I highly recommend using deck fasteners with stainless steel inserts. By using a hidden deck fastener with PVC decking and inserting a stainless steel screw straight down through the fastener and into the joist, this will hold the deck board in place and tight to the joist while allowing for its natural movement. Not only does this allow for the natural movement of the board, but it also eliminates the unsightly mushrooming effect caused by face screwing.</p>
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