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    Application of wood panels in recent years, Wood Plastic Flooring Choice abnormal hot. Its predecessor wood materials and steel, cement, plastics, together known as the four basic raw materials, wood is the only renewable. The past 50 years the main wood products have gone through two generations, the first generation of logs sawn timber, wood-based panels is the second generation. The main component of wood lignin, Floor hemicellulose, cellulose, it has been the main raw material for pulp.
    At present, China has been spent a considerable portion of the timber plywood, pulp industry, resulting in deforestation, damage to the global environment, and reducing deforestation stop the voice of a wave after wave. People on the one hand to promote steel and wood, plastic and wood, but they consume a lot of oil and iron ore non-renewable resources. This has led to or will occur one after another raw material crisis. Also contributed to the Earth’s CO2 levels in the atmosphere rise, warming. On the other hand, the tree is running out, Best Synthetic Boat Deck In USA people use complex approach to small wood glued together using little material. To do this you must use a lot of gum. Our annual production of 40 million tons plywood, use 4 million tons of rubber a year, of which more than 90% of urea-formaldehyde glue, which is the main source of formaldehyde in the air pollution. Urban people are now trapped in “indoor air pollution” as a symbol of the third period of pollution. While it is possible to reduce the formaldehyde content, but excessive reduction will affect the quality of wood-based panels. The second-generation visible wood material is not technically upgrading waive any material containing formaldehyde, indoor air pollution problems can not be solved.
    Annual output of plastic material in the world is now about 130 million tons, China’s plastics manufacturing enterprises more than 30,000, the annual output of over 20 million tons, ranking second in the world. China’s annual production of about 2.4 million tons of waste plastic -480 million tons of plastic waste accounted for garbage. Due to the lack of mature and reliable technology, resulting in the “white pollution” has become a thorny issue China’s environmental protection cause. Billions of tonnes are now China’s annual production of plant photosynthesis fibrous material is renewable, can not find ways to use, year after year, incineration,Wood floor pictures, video waste, do people use them can not use it to produce a new material, instead of oil and timber use it? It is in this context came into wood plate.

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