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    <p>In the rainy season, close the windows so as not to soak the floor.At the same time, we should pay attention to the indoor ventilation, the distribution of the indoor moisture, and maintain the normal indoor temperature is also conducive to the extension of the life of the floor.</p>
    <p>Maintain indoor facilities such as heating, air-conditioning and other indoor facilities, so as to avoid leakage of the floor.In case of the floor bubble water should be removed as soon as possible to remove the floor, dry in the shade or timely notice to the sales unit to handle.</p>
    <p>Bathroom and kitchen door, should pay attention to the water to clean up in time.8. Pay attention to some small details in daily life, and take care of the floor at the foot of the floor.For example, do not throw matches and cigarette heads on the floor, the floor once burned will seriously affect beauty and repair is troublesome;</p>
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