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    In steel processing team, for example, the group a total of 12 people swept from cutting, stripping rib wire drawing, welding to CNC machining center operations and other steel work of the whole process, they can produce an average of 1.5 * 40 meters of reinforced every day two cage, bent several semi-finished steel and steel cage processing pass rate of 100%.

    “Using advanced mechanization and construction equipment, has greatly improved the level of construction engineering specialization, we no longer as in the past, because doing so worried about slow processing steel construction process of convergence is not on.” Wang said.

    May 23, Gansu Province Road and Bridge Construction Group held “three” Construction of the first demonstrations at the airport viaduct project, the department Group companies a total of more than 80 people watched the construction of the viaduct project reinforced mechanized preach video scene to observe the reinforcement cage roller welder, workflow and processing quality steel reinforced intelligent CNC bending center of the “three” construction projects to give a high evaluation. Viaduct project as the first observation point, the Group fully open “three” building has played a leading role model.

    2016, Lanzhou City, City political commissar Guangming Daily jointly held in Beijing, “China Northwest tour starting in Lanzhou” press conference, for the first time opened the curtain Lanzhou cultural tourism, transportation hub in western Maryland more significant. Lanzhou Airport Northwest as three-dimensional transportation system is an important site, is to showcase the image of Lanzhou, Gansu and even an important “window” and the airport viaduct, will become truly “provincial first gate bridge.”

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