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    <p>developed a poplar solid wood flooring, consumer resource-based areas has become an area of ??environmental protection, so we feel from the national environment and business micro-environment do This work is still more favorable.installing 6 foot privacy fence We asked a few experts in Beijing who understand the floor and the country’s tax law and are drafting this report. We also hope that the flooring companies will support our work, including that the media will give more publicity to this activity. Then after the drafting of the report is ready to be reported </p>
    <p>to the relevant state ministries, may not be about to form the result, there may be repeated, the Ministry of Finance or the NDRC
    In 2011, with the continuous deepening of a series of control policies, the fog filled in the real estate market and even the downstream home building materials industry has been unwilling to disperse. So from the first half of the year, the major flooring companies in China have been struggling to shout, sales continued, composite decking recycled materials buy constantly, hoping to grab more orders before the peak season. Golden Week has </p>
    <p>become the competition for more major companies, all in vain, promotional efforts to intensify the efforts of the discount, eye-catching lottery, trade-in, sale continued, with a view to the cold market ‘warming.’ And when the time pointer to the last quarter of 2011, even the axis of the promotion in exchange for business in the beginning of the year, before the holiday for their own set goals? Who will be in the winter has come to ignite the first fire, leading the floor of the new pattern of development of the industry? precast concrete fence panel Sohu home floor channel special planning ‘ignited the winter fire 2011 China floor industry consumer survey’ seminar, invites you to attend! The seminar process is elaborated: First, the 2011 floor business </p>

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