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    <p>Co., Ltd. ‘Products are the stepping stones for companies to enter the market, and Touchstones.’ Compared with the top ten floor brands in China, our two elephants are no less inferior, and even surpass them in terms of formaldehyde emission, wear resistance,QZ Wood Plastic Composite Wall Panel and other indicators. This is technical supervision. Bureau and other relevant departments inspection report The Director of the Cong Shu told reporters that ‘Double Elephant’ laminate flooring has excellent quality and excellent environmental protection, moisture </p>
    <p>resistance, wear resistance and other Properties, in 2009 was named ‘national inspection-free products’, in 2010 named ‘Chinese brand’ Since 2003, it has been incorporated named ‘Heilongjiang Famous Brand Product’ and a prestige brand in China’s flooring industry.They begin to Strictly control the quality of raw materials and ensure that the formaldehyde emission from each ��Double Elephant�� floor reaches the European E1 environmental protection requirements. Recently, it has also produced E0 non-toxic reinforced </p>
    <p>laminate flooring, which is truly green and healthy. It was put on the market, it has received unanimous praise from industry insiders and Chinese and foreign customers. The products cover Heilongjiang Province and are exported to Russia and other places. The company is currently in the province. A complete marketing network has been formed. Both inside and outside, best dog run floors for saint bernard‘optimizing quality, integrity first’ and is a relentless pursuit of the two elephants. ‘As one of the few tobacco factories in The city where smoke is still </p>
    <p>smoking, it is precisely with excellent products to support it. We have only the possibility of further development. With the ‘4844’ long-term development strategy proposed by the Heilongjiang Forest Industry Administration–building an important forestry Industrial base and realizing the goal of grouping of man-made boards, flooring, furniture,flooring manufacturers in usa etc. In 2011, Songjiang Plant took the lead in Harbin City. The urban economic and technological development zone purchased 40.05 million square meters of land as the company’ s </p>

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