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changes in consumer flooring

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    <p> If, within three years, the market price is still no major improvement in 85% of small businesses will not escape the floor, cedar porch floor Project some big brands will also be dragged dead. Competition strength of the flooring industry smoke Zhaxian Obviously, a life and death struggle flooring industry has Zhaxian smoke. </p>
    <p>A new round of reshuffle flooring industry has been simmering. pictures screen porch indoor outdoor deck Flooring market getting smaller and smaller cake How is eating? Macro-resistant flooring Chengdu Branch of Bear Qiang pointed out that, in addition to the economic crisis, and other factors led to the control room floor deck stair railing design ideas market changes.</p>
    <p>changes in consumer flooring industry format also allows the flooring business suffered the impact of sales decline: First,easy install composite wood furnishings Sichuan hardcover room increased a lot, source developers in the first part of that is swallowed a lot of market share; the second is a change in consumption patterns, many home improvement companies to adopt a package of this trick, cut off part of the floor of profit. </p>



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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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