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    <p>into rank ” business of cable of the reddest community ” . and no matter Coke Cola ” libretto bottle ” , clean out treasure ” new power week ” the effect that waits for old brand to be made greatly, the content sale case that is afore-mentioned medium and small businesses only lets its brand develop with might doubled. The opposite.artificial english ivy screen The most apparent is in recent years many transnational corporation differs in China of degree go aground or exit, include MSN, 100 think of buy, Gu Ge, Yahoo waits numerous familiar to the ear a moment can the brand of detailed,</p>

    <p> they are in cross a state of duplicate and successful mode, ignored native land to China user to consume the psychology, research that consumes culture however, the content that also has cheap stair railing design ideas quality with respect to lack travels, lose the market, Sha feather finally and return. In returning board industry, platform of public of the small gain that we also see a lot of enterprises opened him,</p>

    <p> small letter, had abecedarian brand to change consciousness, but make full use of truly these platform will do the good content sale, business that does good brand transmission rare however. thompsons water seal pigment So, how should plate company make good content sale, come a contend? Be familiar with the life setting of consumer, make as shirt-sleeve as life setting photograph content sale. If be aimed at development of intertropical and damp area to fight wet furniture by force, in inland drought area promotion product is prevented weather-shack function,</p>

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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