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After switching to TP-Link router, mobile phone can't connect router.

Home Forums General Music Discussion After switching to TP-Link router, mobile phone can't connect router.

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    <p>After switching to Ccit E1 Card Optical Transmission Pcm 30 Channel Phone Pstn Pots Voice Over Fiber Pcm Multiplexer, the mobile phone can’t connect to the router. It has been hinting that "the Tengda wireless router has been used before getting IP. It has been used well, and then changed to a TP-Link wireless router. The cell phone has been unable to connect to the router. It always hints to get the IP address, half a day’s no response." Is the router bad?</p>
    <p>The general prompts get the IP address, which is the DHCP of the TP-Link wireless router.</p>
    <p>Mobile phone has been prompted to get the IP address function has not been opened, or the DHCP server has hung up. In this case, we generally consider the following three reasons:</p>
    <p>Reason 1: whether the WiFi password of mobile phone is incorrectly entered. If the Huawei S9706 Large Scale Campus Usage 10 Gigabit Ethernet Core Switch password input is wrong, some routers will not get the cell phone to get the IP (anti – violent crack password function), and other routers will report the password error directly.</p>
    <p>The solution is to check whether the password entered by the cell phone is positive.</p>
    <p>Reason two: is the router’s DHCP function unopened? If the DHCP function is not opened, the mobile phone will not get the IP address, and it will also appear the general hint to get the IP address.</p>
    <p>Reason three: the router’s DHCP server hangs. If the DHCP function of the router is hung up, it will not be able to allocate the IP address to the mobile phone automatically, nor can the natural phone connect to the router.</p>
    <p>Solution: restart the router (directly pull out the router’s power and plug it in).</p>
    <p>Xiaobian thinks that the probability of second reasons and third reasons is relatively large, especially for third reasons. If you are a new TL-AC200 wireless controller, there are second main reasons.</p>

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