Everywhere is now available digitally

Today the new album Everywhere is available digitally!

You can get it at Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/se/album/everywhere/id911723342

Everywhere will be available on CD and Vinyl on September 24th.

You can pre-order a signed CD here: https://www.bengans.se/popup/zelmani_cd/int.aspx?language=en

You can pre-order a LP (not signed) here: https://www.bengans.se/popup/zelmani_lp/int.aspx?language=en

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  1. Robert grills

    Once again a brilliant album,I love it,some classic songs which are up with Sophie’s all time best,great support from the band,please keep up the great work,if you ever come to the uk, make sure belfast is on your list.

    Best wishes,and many thanks to my favourite artist


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